What’s Inside…

  1. David Eagleman reveals, with clarity and enthusiasm, the myriad ways in which the brain absorbs experiences and external stimuli to enable us to gain the skills, facilities, and practices that make us who we are
  2. Livewired is based on cutting-edge scientific discoveries about how the brain functions and adapts to new conditions
  3. It reveals a portrait of the human brain that challenges traditional notions, while offering rich insights into the potential of neuroplasticity for improving our abilities and experiences
  4. For all the science it includes, Livewired is an accessible and engaging read that offers a peek into the nature of the brain and its ever-changing texture

David Eagleman is an internationally bestselling author, a TED speaker, and a Guggenheim Fellow. He teaches neuroscience at Stanford University and is also the CEO of a neurotech startup, Neosensory. Goodreads rates “Livewired” 4.18 out of 5 based on ~4,000 ratings.

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